Lettings & Landlords

Are you a landlord with a property to let?

If you are a landlord looking to let your property, come and talk to us. We have pre-approved tenants looking for a property to rent.

The lettings team at Abbey Forth will be happy to help and get you the right tenant for your property.

We will make arrangements for you to view the property accompanied by one of our viewing agents on a suitable day, including weekends where possible.

After your viewing, you will get the opportunity to apply for the property. We will ask you to complete an online application. We will send you and any other adult to be living in the property an application link via text and email using our application system ‘My rental CV’. If you already have a rental CV account we will send you a permission request link to view your CV. The application process will verify income, employment details/salary, obtain references from current landlords (if appropriate) and a credit report.

Satisfactory references will then be discussed with the landlord in order to select a new tenant.

We will notify all applicants if they have been successful or not.

The successful applicant(s) will be asked for a potential move in date. (Sufficient time must be allowed for the necessary safety checks and preparation of inventory to be carried out, usually 4-5 working days). We will send you a move in confirmation email which provide all the relevant details required for your move in, including all details for your payments, ID required, move in date and process.

Once your deposit has been paid, we will email you your Tenancy Agreement and other documents to be electronically signed prior to your move in date.

The first rent will be due two days prior to the day you move into the property. Your deposit is paid once the move in confirmation has been sent. Deposits are lodged with My Deposit Scotland for the duration of the tenancy. This is held against any claim for damage, cleaning, unpaid bills, including rent, at the end of the tenancy.

An inventory will be carried out using an accredited external inventory company before the tenancy commences. A copy will be sent to you electronically prior to your tenancy commencing and must be returned, with any comments, within 7 days of your move in date.

We will use this to check the property at the end of the tenancy.

We carry out 3 monthly inspections on all our properties. Inspections are carried out to ensure the property is being looked after and maintained to the required level. You will be informed in writing, giving a minimum 48 hours notice when the inspection will be carried out. You do not need to be present as keys will be taken to each property. We appreciate that you may wish to be home during the inspection but please note that inspection dates cannot be rearranged.

You are required to set up a standing order with your bank for the 1st of each month (or before if you wish to pay early).

On the day you will be met at the property by a representative from Abbey Forth to hand over the keys, certificates and go over the property including safety checks, how to top up your boiler pressure, shut off your water and gas and what to do in case of an emergency.

We will give you two sets of keys for the property, which must be returned at the end of your tenancy. We also provide all tenants with our emergency contact details in case of any out of our emergencies.


Abbey Forth Property is an established letting agent, dealing with the letting management of private residential properties. Whether you are a landlord or tenant we can deal with your requirements in the management or tenancy of private residential property throughout central Scotland.

We specialise in letting high-quality residential property. We firmly believe if landlords commit to maintaining the quality of their property to a high specification, we can provide long-term tenants, ensuring a consistent rental income for our clients.

Whether you are a landlord looking to let your property for the first time, or you have previously let your property, we will take you through the process of preparing your property for let and ensuring you are fully compliant with the legislation that governs the letting of private residential property in Scotland. 

Our lettings team will deal with prospective tenants to ensure references and deposits are dealt with before the property is made available to them. We will provide short and long term tenancy agreements. We will also deal with the rent and provide you with detailed invoices and regular updates on a monthly basis. In line with the tenancy agreement, there will be regular property inspections.

We have taken the time to build relationships with reliable, experienced contractors who can deal with all aspects of property maintenance.

As a tenant, we will ensure the appropriate gas and electric safety certificates are provided and that any repairs required before or during your tenancy are dealt with by our approved trades people at the earliest possible time.

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