Seasonal trends on a budget

Heading into a new season, it’s nice to give your property a new look but how can you do this without breaking the bank? We’ve got some budget-friendly ideas on how you can create a refreshed look ready for the warm weather.

Utilise seasonal colours 

Each season has a different colour palette that complements the time of year. To symbolise the seasons, summer should be light, breezy, and fresh, whereas winter should be counterbalanced by darker, more warm tones. When it comes to decorating for a new season, a lick of paint goes a long way. Give your outdated summer garden furniture a new colour for an updated appearance.

Transform space with a statement piece

Just by investing in one large statement piece, you can make a big difference and transform a space. Whether it’s a giant potted plant generating a fresh, homely atmosphere or a statement light, they soon make a difference.

Lower your budget with second-hand décor 

There are many charity shops and car boot sales that sell lots of unique and affordable décor to spruce up your home. This enables you to achieve your desired seasonal looks without exceeding your budget. You can purchase lampshades, framed prints, throws, and cushion covers to suit your desired seasonal palette.

Raid your storage

Check your cupboards! By looking through your storage and cupboards, you can discover pieces you’ve completely forgotten about. You can transform your bedroom simply by changing the bedsheets or using a colourful, cosy throw in the winter.

Do-it-yourself décor

Creating your own décor is a great way to stick to a low budget. Channel your creative flare and take pride in making something yourself. You can easily duplicate many expensive pieces of furniture and décor with a little do-it-yourself work. Whether it’s painting a mural or knitting a custom throw, you can simply improve your house with homemade décor on a tight budget.

Create seasonal scents 

Opening a window to let fresh air circulate or placing a plant or cacti in a room can make it feel drastically different, allowing the outdoors in. Bringing herb gardens or plants inside can change the ambience and release wonderful, clean scents. Every scent has the power to alter a room’s atmosphere so it’s a good idea to rotate your candle smells according to the season and the mood.


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