Embrace your outdoor space

Spring is your chance to set the scene for the year ahead as wintry months disappear and warmer, longer days bring the summer ever closer. Trends exist in the gardening world just as much as anywhere else, so what are they in 2024 and where do you start?    

Start with a spring clean and create a vision of a better garden   

Gathering the debris from winter, such as fallen branches and leaves, while the working on what you want your garden to look like is essential. As you tidy up the flower beds, turn over the soil, and divide up your perennials, be careful not to prune spring-blooming trees; otherwise, they may be flowerless this summer. Plan your improvements carefully, deciding what you want to achieve by embracing the trends and themes you love. A visit to a good garden centre is a great place to find inspiration.   

Wellness gardens are good for you 

If you are looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life, your garden is just the place. Take this to the next level by creating a relaxation space that works best for you. It could be as simple as using some solar lights in the evening to building a pergola! Gardening for wellbeing is a huge movement and you’ll get a real sense of achievement when you take the time to sit in an outdoor space you’ve created.

A sense of fun-defined spaces 

Take the opportunity this spring to define your outdoor garden spaces. Create an outdoor kitchen, living room, or play area for younger family members. A sense of fun is always good to have. Remember to try and incorporate sustainability and seasonality with nature.

Grow your own!

Grow delicious food with beautiful flowers among your other plants. The obvious choices are herbs and strawberry plants, which can be planted in the spring. But there are a vast number of more interesting choices you can plant in spring, such as Daylily, which is a beautiful flower that tastes delicious in salads. Japanese Wineberry is another that produces sweet-tasting berries and delicate pink flowers.  

Bring in some life

Spring is all about creating new life in your garden. Whether you invite nature by leaving food such as cat food for hedgehogs, mealworms for badgers, fruit for foxes or a simple bird bath. Containers and plant pots are great for pops of colour, and you have an endless choice of plants to pick from no matter the size of your outdoor space.

Planting for biodiversity and sustainability  

 Climate-friendly gardening is as important as ever. Plant for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hoverflies. Plant trees and use a water butt to collect rainwater. Grow your own bunch of flowers, use reclaimed wood to make your garden furniture or buy from sustainable furniture brands. The ever-changing weather, partially due to global warming, means it’s important to do your bit while creating shelter from the elements. A greener and more harmonious natural space leads to more beautiful results.  

Celebrate the changing seasons

Celebrating the changing seasons keeps it interesting. Embrace grass, meadows, wildflowers, and weeds! Dandelions come in many species, attract wildlife, and look pretty in wild gardens standing next to daisies. But having some evergreens will ensure there is year round colour to enjoy – even in the depths of winter.


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