Corona Virus

Guidance for viewings of occupied and empty properties

These guidelines refer to viewings undertaken by AFPM Ltd during the Covid 19 pandemic and must be agreed to by any viewer(s) either via email or in writing, prior to a viewing of any property being marketed For Sale or To Let by AFPM Ltd.

These guidelines must be followed for the safety of our colleagues, viewers, and clients alike. Failure to adhere to the guidance and points raised below will result in our colleagues refusing entry to a property.

  • Before a viewing can be undertaken, viewers must provide their full name, email address, postal address, contact telephone number and that of anyone else who will be present at the viewing, regardless of whether a second person intends to move into the property or is just there for support

  • Viewers must confirm that they do not have the Covid 19 virus, are not shielding/self-isolating or symptomatic, or have had contact with someone who has the virus. Under those circumstances a viewing will not take place
  • No more than two viewers can be present at the viewing and no one under the age of 16 can accompany another person to a viewing

  • No open viewings will take place and all viewings will strictly by appointment only with only one viewing appointment taking place at any given time

  • All viewers must arrive promptly at the allocated viewing time and viewings will be limited to 15 minutes per viewing. No appointments will be rescheduled

  • Either one owner or a member of the AFPM Ltd team will be present at the viewing and all parties present will respect 2m social distancing rules. The owner or member of our team will be present in the property whilst the viewing is undertaken

  • Viewers will only be granted access to a property if they are wearing both a face mask and gloves and they will not be permitted to touch any items of furniture, surfaces, fixtures and fittings including doors, which will be wedged open so that they do not need to opened and closed

  • Any feedback provided or questions about a property, including the process of buying or renting a property via AFPM Ltd can be undertaken via phone or email after the viewing takes place